Who is going to drive your shiny new website?


You may well have a fully trained expert who will need no additional training at handover – fantastic, over to them

But what if you are totally new to websites?

All websites created by 3d come with an element of training, dependant on which what package you choose

This training is specifically tailored to meet your needs and can be modified to suit all levels of experience

How is this training provided?


All training is carried out by our resident expert and is specific to the particular package chosen

Training is tailored to meet your needs and is carried out either face to face, or via webinar, depending on your location

Training is not just limited to websites 


All aspects of the digital world can be included within your training package, from website content management to eCommerce product creation and just about anything else in between

All included training is complemented by an additional period of post handover support, designed to take the pressure off you, so you can concentrate on other things

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some examples of our website training