One Page Websites


What is a One-Page Website?

One_page_blank_paperWell surprisingly enough a One-Page website is just that, a single page containing all the elements of your website

One-page websites are the latest thing, they are the height of fashion and we think that they are most definitely here to stay

One-Page websites are also considered as providing the best user experience, of all the types of websites out there

How is a One-Page website different

Man_one_pageFirst and foremost, One-Page websites are far simpler, they contain less information and they are much easier for the visitor

You still have a menu section at the top, with drop down items if needed, however, instead of the visitor being sent to a separate page for each menu item, the page simply scrolls to the position of the item in question and its information

Who would benefit from a One-Page website

Every existing website could potentially be redesigned as a One-Page, however it largely depends on the level of information that needs to be available

Typically any site that would historically have been less than 10 pages, would be a perfect candidate, but having said that, theoretically there is no limit to the size of the page………….

One-page websites are also easy to update, great for mobile, affordable and often receive a better Google ranking


So if we have switched your light on and you think that a One-Page website is for you – GET IN TOUCH  for a free no obligation discussion

some examples of our one page websites