Multisite Websites


Needing more that a single website is now quite common

icon-cubeMore and more organisations are now benefiting from the advantages that a multisite installation can bring. Corporations, universities and medical practices, to name but a few, have all got one fundamental requirement in common – to keep their on-line message consistant

Multisite is a simple solution

key-sphereEvery sub-site within the multisite installation is centrally controlled and can be updated by one super admin simultaneously

Content can be supervised and user access can be equally restricted/granted with a few simple clicks

So what? – why is this important?

Image owning a a chain of restaurants spread around the country, you would naturally wish to be in control of the look and feel or your business……..your brand

But you would also want for every restaurant to have their own version of your website, tailored specifically to their location and most importantly editable by each local user – multisite allows for this and much much more


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some examples of our multisite websites